Books by Tom Clynes

The Boy Who Played with Fusion

Book Jacket copyThe Boy Who Played with Fusion tells the extraordinary story of science prodigy Taylor Wilson.  By the age of nine, Taylor had mastered the science of rocket propulsion. At eleven, his grandmother’s cancer diagnosis inspired him to seek new ways to produce medical isotopes. And by fourteen, Wilson had built a 500-million-degree nuclear fusion reactor. How could someone so young achieve so much, and what can Taylor’s story teach us all about high-achieving kids—and human potential in general?

Wild Planet!

thumb-wildplanetTom Clynes’s first book, “Wild Planet!” (1995, Visible Ink Press) provides access to the world’s extraordinary events for travelers who want to participate in the life and culture of the places they visit. You could call this book a collection of the earth’s amazing moments: festivals, celebration, ceremonies, and other gatherings that capture locales when they’re at their most brilliant, open, artistic, musical – when they’re most alive.

Music Festivals from Bach to Blues: A Traveler’s Guide


Music lovers and travelers will welcome this comprehensive travel guide. Seasoned traveler Tom Clynes takes you to a wide variety of festivals in the U.S. and Canada. More than 1,001 entries provide full descriptions of the artistic focus, who’s performing and what festival-goers can expect from headliners, workshops and jam sessions. Named Reference Book of the Year by the American Library Association.

“A unique listener’s guide to all genres of tuneful revelry across North America”. — Time International