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National Geographic – Book Talk

Why This 14-Year-Old Kid Built A Nuclear Reactor In his quest to better the world,Taylor Wilson captured the interest of Homeland Security and ended up with radioactive pants. By Simon Worrall, National Geographic PUBLISHED JULY 26, … [Read more]

The Right Kind of Renaissance?

Are We Doing Enough to Support the Untapped Potential of Gifted Children Who Are Not at the Top of the Socio-Economic Curve? By Tom Clynes Just in time for summer vacation, the Acceleration Institute at the University of Iowa has released A … [Read more]

Battle Over Climate Science

Climate scientists routinely face death threats, hate mail, nuisance lawsuits and political attacks. How much worse can it get? There’s no police tape across Michael Mann’s office doorway this morning. “Always a good start,” he says, juggling a … [Read more]