Tom Clynes – Environmental Speaker

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In his authentic and visually stunning keynote presentations, writer, photographer and environmental speaker Tom Clynes brings audiences along on assignment to some of the Earth’s most extraordinary places. You’ll meet the astonishing people—pioneering conservationists, climatologists, environmental activists and more—whose stories embody the spirit of adventure, and the passion we share for making a difference in this world.

Via stories and photos, Tom’s keynotes introduce participants to the explorer whose Congo Basin expedition led to the biggest African conservation victory in three decades…the “elephant whisperer” who rescued the animals in the Baghdad Zoo…the climatologist who unlocked the mysteries of the Greenland ice cap…the virus hunter whose ambitious plan to stop epidemics before they start is shifting the way the world confronts infectious diseases…and more.

Tom works with each organization to customize a program that will catalyze creativity and stimulate engagement. By artfully weaving the stories of your organization’s own heroes with the achievements of world-changing heroes, this keynote presentation will leave your most important constituents feeling empowered, proud and part of something important.

Let Tom Clynes give your constituents something substantial to talk about—and move them forward with an enduring sense of expanded possibilities.

More about environmental speaker Tom Clynes: As an author and photojournalist, Tom Clynes travels the world covering the adventurous side of science and the environment for publications such as National Geographic, Nature, The New York Times and Popular Science, where he is a contributing editor. His work has also appeared in The Atlantic, Conservation, NewsweekScientific American, The Sunday Times Magazine (London) and many other publications. Tom is the author of the books Wild Planet and The Boy Who Played With Fusion, and his magazine stories often appear in Houghton-Mifflin’s “Best American…” series of magazine-writing anthologies.

For more information about keynote presentations, and Tom’s work, contact him by email at info[at]