Tom Clynes – Keynote Adventure Speaker

National Geographic Speaker Tom ClynesIn his authentic and visually stunning presentations, National Geographic writer, photographer and keynote speaker Tom Clynes brings audiences along on assignment to the most intriguing places on Earth. You’ll meet the astonishing people—explorers, archaeologists, virus hunters, Ebola doctors and more—whose stories embody the spirit of adventure. You’ll learn how these individuals shaped once-ordinary lives into extraordinary, world-changing adventures. And you’ll discover what these experiences can tell us about how to spark our own dreams into action.

Tom works with each organization to customize a memorable, adventurous program that will stimulate action and engagement. His high-intrigue, high-energy presentations catalyze creativity and challenge participants to open up their thinking. Let Tom Clynes give your constituents something substantial to talk about—and move them forward with an enduring sense of expanded possibilities.

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Author, photojournalist and National Geographic speaker Tom Clynes travels the world covering the adventurous side of science, the environment and education. His work appears in publications such as NatGeo, The New York Times, Nature, Popular Science, and The Atlantic. As a keynote speaker, Tom uses stories and photos to inspire audiences and bring them along on assignment. To contact Tom and find out more about his memorable and inspiring programs, email